Client Testimonials

We take pride in our product and services and strive to provide the best to our clients. Below are comments from a few of our clients.

"I'm too busy to write about all of the positive experiences from your web site. Thanks to your site, my business is great even in this challenging market!"

Bobby Freeman of Cocoa Beach, FL

"I am just truly in Gratitude and am extremely Blessed! I can not tell you what a wonderful experience I have had with all of you! Right from the get go you were there to answer all my questions and provided fabulous entry customer service. Thank you. It has been and a pleasure. Then there is your designers. Oh my gosh what a talented, patient, visionary, professional, yet extremely fun, truly an asset to LinkuSystems web designer. Awesome that is my word for your designers. Everything has gone very well and I am so hap hap happy with the company's site. Since its coming on live I can't tell you how many family, friends and business associates have bookmarked it. I see the site as truly a resource for anyone looking for information regarding relocating. Anywhere!

And you all have given us the base on which to build that dream. Thank you all from all of us at FREEDOM RELOCATION!"

Stephanie Willis of Mesa, AZ

"I just wanted to take a few moments to say how wonderful it was working with Danny on the design of our fabulous website. We gave him some room for his own creativity— and he ran with it and brought it to LIFE! He was not only very talented and creative— he listened to us every step of the way and always dealt with us in a friendly and easy to approach manner.

He seemed almost as excited as I was during the process— which was cool! It was sort of my personal dream to go with the Frontier/Old Ghost Town theme... and your designers truly made it happen and gave it life!

I hope he gets a huge bonus and/or promotion and letter of appreciation from your company— he went above and beyond to give us his total attention. We absolutely benefitted from your designer's talents and work ethics and from working with him overall.

Good Job, LinkU— for making us DANG glad we chose your company to develop and design our new real estate website... We love that it's unique and stands out. We are very glad to be doing business with you!"

Michelle Fain of Yerca, CA

"We have been completely pleased with the design of our website. It is very user friendly. Our potential clients have many options available to them on the website. We have had an average of 40 people per day on our website! As an independent real estate company we are very excited about that. Thank you LinkU!"

Larry Brewer of Jackson, MO

"It offers people a way to view the other properties that we have as well as more photos that can not be posted on Craigslist and like internet sources for advertising."

Mark Coleman of Greenville, AL

"I have received a lot of business from my website. Buyers like going to it for information, and sellers like knowing that their home is displayed on my site with lots of pictures."

Nicole Goldburg of Scottsdale, AZ

"I have been with your company for nearly 4 years now and that itself speaks volumes, especially when people keep changing vendors very often!! You have always worked to help me with my ongoing work with the website."

Rama Mehra of Dublin, CA

"We receive many compliments regarding our website from clients as well as peers. As a matter of fact we just listed a property this morning as a result of the seller being impressed by the site & it's content."

Jim Vindler of Placerville, CA

"Every day I have about fifty people come to my web site and I have many good comments from my clients that it is very helpful and user friendly."

Anh Kellogg of San Rafael, CA

"I went with 3 large companies and one private HTML author over the past 9 years since we started Paris911. All were very disappointing with the exception of LinkUSystems. I have probably dealt with all of their staff at one time or another, not due to their issues, but due to me wanting everything exactly perfect in my mind's eye. They have been there each and every time and their support is better than any other vendor we have, even the ones that are not related in any way to the website. I have called to change different facets of the site and other areas, they have been available and usually the request is completed within 24-48hrs. These have been mistakes on my part with some of the development and text issues. They have corrected it for me without a hitch. I tested several html authors and builders, they were much more expensive for a site that looks like everybody else's. Call me if you have any other questions I would gladly take time out of my day to endorse LinkU."

Paris and Connor MacIVOR of Valencia, CA

"Our website was properly created for marketing, branding, and as a tool for our clients research needs. Because of this, my business has increased due to my web presence."

Brian Putnam of Littleton, CO

"LinkU does a great job of seamlessly capturing leads before allowing users access to the IDX features there users become more loyal to you and your site. Using the e-marketing tool following up is effortless."

Eddie Gutierrez of Bridgeport, CT

"Since my site went active the beginning of December I have found there has been increased web site activity as to visits. Most customer comments have been very positive about information and ease of use. In investment business, I can refer the out of town investor directly to an opportunity to view the property. Beginners I direct to the calculator and the MLS. Thank you for a job well done!"

Mark Cole of Jacksonville, FL

"We consider our website to be one of the best in our market. We have customized the website to suit our area and our clientele. Our sales have improved as well as our ability to expand our business areas to rentals etc."

Chris and Tegan DeClark of Marco Island , FL

"Buyers always check out a website before 'hiring' me to list or buy. LinkU websites look sleeker and more professional than others."

Drew Ludlow of Apex, NC

"My website with LinkUSystems was one of the best investments for my business ad dollars. My site puts forth a professional image which stands apart from my local competitors. I love my ability to check web stats at anytime too! Wes Rocha has always been there for me. I don't need his help or advice very often but when I do, I am never put off but rather given 'immediate attention.'"

Carol King of Charlotte, NC

"It's amazing that most brokers still do not use internet properly. We generate leads every day!"

Lawrence Vecchio of Hazlet, NJ

"I have enjoyed working with LinkU. The administrative end of this website is very easy to use. Your staff was great to work with in creating the site!"

Haley De Stefano of Mullica Hill, NJ

"I was the first one to call a possible client. Because I received an email that there was a lead, I logged on to my email, check out the information and immediately called the prospect. They ended up buying through me because I was the first agent to respond. This has happened more than once."

Cara Leopizzi of West Paterson, NJ

"Customers love our Web site and find it very pleasurable to view. It has good graphics and is easy to navigate."

Wayne Bunce of Windham , NY

"I have a professional product that I can send people to that is very well laid out. LinkU is creative and I believe I'm working with a company that will stay ahead of the curve for Realtors. Overall my service is not just impressive, it's effective!"

Jason and Amber Gardner of Portland, OR

"I love its graphic presence. I get great feedback on it all the time."

Max Wilson of Porterville, PA

"My website is absolutely my critical point of success. With LinkU's customizable functionality, I have grown my website to where it is now. I get positive feedback from my clients and friends and they are in no doubt that I am successful."

Loreena Yeo of Frisco, TX

"The look and feel of the semi-custom site was head and shoulders above the other realtor sites. This look and feel has brought legitimacy to my presence in the market place as a specialist in the luxury arena."

Mark Fuller of Houston, TX

"It has helped me grow my business from primarily a listing agent to a listing and selling agent."

Robert Bolar of North Ogden, UT

"Our real estate business model entirely depends on our website so it has to look great and rank high. We are often told that our customers 'pre-approved' of us on the basis of our website, even before we had personal contact."

Mary Fish of Madison, WI
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