Although setting up your website is easy with any LUS Web Design package, we have found that most website owners simply don’t have the time to spend optimizing their website for search engines. That is why we created the PremiumPLUS SEO service.

Having a website these days is simply not enough. You need a strategic plan to direct prospects to you. Our PremiumPLUS search engine optimization services offer a full service configuration of your website, as well as an affordable ongoing service to assist in getting your website indexed and ranked higher in search engines and in many cases assisting in ranking for several popular target keywords.

Our experts will spend the time optimizing your website so you don't have to. As your marketing rep is working on your site you still have the ability to edit and make modifications just like any other package.

Do I have to order PremiumPLUS to be found by search engines or to setup my website? No, the PremiumPLUS service is not required to gain search engine ranking with your LUS Web Design website. You have access to do EVERYTHING we do with the PremiumPLUS upgrade, FREE from your website admin section. In fact we offer free advice, tutorials and training sessions on how to do these very things. The PremiumPLUS service is simply an option for you to have us do this work for you.

Our PremiumPLUS package offers the following features:

  • Initial search engine optimization phone consultation (up to 30 minutes).
  • Research keywords and a create a recommended keyword list.
  • Create current search engine ranking report based on recommended keywords.
  • Search Engine Optimization feature setup, such as meta tags, title tags descriptions and more.
  • Custom Content writing services provided by LUS Web Design marketing representative.
  • Ongoing optimization of additional content pages, such as optimizing the text, title tags, meta description and keywords.
  • Submission of your website to be indexed by the top search engines.
  • Submission to the Open Directory Project for search engines.
  • Enabled default sitemap on website (not Google Sitemap).
  • Expert setup of lead generation forms, navigation menus and categories.
  • Expert setup and arrangement of pages and features for ease of use and increased lead generation.
  • Setup of your courtesy LinkUAgent account.

If you have questions about our PremiumPLUS services or for a free initial consultation, please contact us.

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Can't I do this myself? Yes you can! Feel free to attend our free online search engine optimization courses or check out the Search Engine video tutorials once they are available in our HelpCenter. We provide you all the information you need to properly optimize your website.

Why have LUS Web Design do it for me? We have found that while most site owners can optimize their own website and save some money, that most do not actually take the time to do it, or start doing it then never continue. In many cases we have seen many clients never actually touch the website at all. Depending on your situation you may find it in your best interest to have us do it for you. In addition, LUS Web Design has the experience to get the job done. So you don't have to worry about learning anything new and can continue to do what you do best, real estate!

What does this service include exactly? With this service, LUS Web Design will optimize your website by doing the following things: content writing, obtaining inbound links, building your link directory, adding your site to paid link directories, optimizing your existing content, creating title tags, creating keywords and phrases, creating your meta-tags, providing monthly reports and more!

Is it exclusive to my service area? Our services, are not guaranteed to be 100% exclusive to any particular client, since some primary services areas overlap secondary service areas. Full Service SEO is limited to a select number of clients per area. Generally we accept only one client per primary service area per industry (dependant on size of area, city and more).

How long does it take until I start seeing results? This usually depends on the market area, however it typically takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months or more to see results. Some factors include how new the website or domain name is and the market area and saturation for keywords or phrases within that market.

How do I know if it will work? During your initial consultation we can provide you realistic expectations of what to expect from our search engine optimization services. We will give you an idea of the challenges involved (if any) while optimizing your website based on your websites setup, market area and more.

Do you guarantee positioning? While we cannot guarantee a position in search engines results, we can guarantee that you will see an IMPROVEMENT over your websites current rankings.

How do some companies guarantee position?This can be tricky, there can be a few ways a company can guarantee results. One way is to perform a pay-per-click campaign and bid for tip results, but usually this is more expensive monthly. Another way is to guarantee low competitive keywords, where it is easy to obtain ranking, but the keywords likely produces little traffic, but allow them to meet the "guarantee". Finally, if they charge enough, they can cover months where they are not paid if they did not meet the guarantee, assuming you call them out on it. Since we offer a low price for SEO services and do not agree to the other tricky tactics, as most SEO companies do not provide placement guarantees.

*Custom pages and setup of features not listed above may be an additional charge.
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