Why Choose LinkU Web Design?

LinkU has everything you need to get your website on the internet quickly and easily without having to re-invent the wheel. Since LinkU offers functionality pre-built into your website, it allows you to get your website online with all the content or pages you need at an affordable cost. LinkU's web designs are all customized by a professional web designer, no matter which package you select. We are known for our flexible and customizable websites and are one of the only companies to offer a true semi-custom and custom website an design.

In fact, many bulk website companies claim that their websites to be custom, but then give you a tacky template design with limited flexibility. Their idea of customized, is uploading your logo and having the ability to change minor design or buttons on your site.

A Company You Can Trust We have a full staff of talented designers who have created websites for thousands of clients

If you have been looking at a local design company or web designer, they will usually provide you a website with a certain number of pages for a set price. These websites are difficult and expensive to maintain and often times the company (more likely or person) goes out business or is too busy to work on your website, therefore leaving much incomplete.

Another major issue for those who have a website is that they do not have the ability to edit their websites text or navigation menu. They must inform their designer of the changes, then pay for the changes, usually with a minimum hourly fee or a high monthly maintenance fee. All our Hybrid Stuido, Signature Series custom web designs and XE semi-custom web designs integrate with our back end to make modifying and maintaining your website easy. This also allows us to offer our semi-custom and custom designed websites for a lower price than the competition.

LinkU is a company you can trust. We have been in the business for over 10 years and have a full staff to assist you with your needs, from professional and talented designers to customer service and support. Our design and hosting services are provided in house, not outsourced to another country or 3rd party. We have hosted over 7,000 websites and have created websites for thousands of our clients all over the United States. When it comes to choosing a company for your website, you can't go wrong with LUS Web Design.

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LUS Web Design is a provider of quality small business template and custom website designs throughout the Inland Empire, serving Riverside, Corona and Moreno Valley, as well as Orange and Los Angeles Counties.