Hybrid or Custom Web Design?

LinkU understands the true meaning of "customization" and provides two website types, Hybrid and Custom.

Hybrid Web Designs

Our hybrid sites are a cross between a custom web design and a template design. The layout of the site is determined in a template, then our professional designers work off that template by make customizations to it, such as colors, photos, some layout changes, etc., providing you a custom looking site for a lower cost. You can also make changes to your site, such as content and menu items, etc. from your website control panel.

Custom Web Designs

Our custom web designs are created from scratch. A designer will work with you to create a custom look that fits your needs, still allowing you however to control many aspects of the site such as content, menu item, etc. through your website control panel.

With a LinkU Hybrid semi-custom or custom web site, your site is customized to fit your market area, company and/or personality. Most web site designs used by many others are poorly designed, difficult to navigate and just simply unprofessional. Others are basic templates used by thousand of other people, and don't really represent what your work, market or personality reflects. In fact, a bad website is sometimes worse then not having one at all.

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LUS Web Design is a provider of quality small business template and custom website designs throughout the Inland Empire, serving Riverside, Corona and Moreno Valley, as well as Orange and Los Angeles Counties.